SKr™ Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc)


SKr™ Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc)

Safety by design:

  • one disk for gas, liquid, vapor & 2 phase service
  • 95% operating ratio
  • certified for “UD stamp” or “CE mark”
  • designed for non fragmentation
  • high flow characteristics; certified relief area & Kr values
  • unique damage resistant design – saf™ technology
  • fail safe – damage safety ratio < 1
  • paired with the industry leading SRB-7RS safety head 

Application Recommendations:

  • Primary pressure relief
  • Secondary pressure relief
  • Relief Valve Isolation
  • Custom Engineered Assemblies
  • Nominal Sizes 1”~10” / 25mm~250mm
  • Burst Pressures from 15psig to 500psig / 1 bar to 34.5 bar
  • Temperatures from cryogenic to 1100oF / 593oC
  • Static, cyclic, vacuum or pulsating operating pressure
  • Where back pressure resistance is required
  • Where low cost of ownership is desired
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