Safety Components

Safety Components

Safety components at service stations – Biofuels (E85)

There are various technical solutions for the worldwide increased safety requirements for explosion protection. One of these challenges in particular; securing service stations, is met by RMGGASELAN with a newly developed range of compact flame arresters and vents.

The vents serve to recirculate the petrol fumes safely, as well as secure ventilation.

The development of various solutions became necessary, as the mineral oil companies worldwide all have their own safety philosophies. The new range is conceived in such a way that they are also in line with the increased technical requirements, which arose from the use of alternative fuels.

In particular the continuing worldwide introduction of bioalcohol mixtures (E85) was taken into account.

Therefore a sustainably fire resistant over and under pressure valve is a worldwide novelty for E85, which was matched to the particular technical requirements, has an interesting design and is produced in line with excellent quality standards.

The compact design allows cost effective production which is reflected in a customer friendly price. With the new range, of which a large number of various valves has already been installed in Sweden, we hope to increase the popularity of RMG outside of the natural gas provision sector.

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